Does your car require a regular service or is it up for a Log Book Service?

Make sure you never miss a regular car service or put off your car repairs until it seems like a more convenient time. You don’t have to work around your mechanic’s schedule or organise alternative transport for the day because we will work around you, wherever you are.

If your car is due for its regular service – or even if you’ve missed a couple – then we can complete an entire service at your home or office when it’s most convenient for you.

I am a fully qualified mechanic that will arrive at your chosen destination and time completely equipped to handle a full service or quality repair that’s finished on time and on budget. Booking is fast and easy using our specialty online booking system above providing you with a day for your service immediately.

What service does your car require?

we offer a range of car services dependent upon your needs and the needs of your car. Complete a few quick pieces of information about the make, model and age of your vehicle and you can book your fixed price service online today.

Our Services include:

  • Log Book Service – we can stamp your Log Book without affecting your warranty

  • Basic Service

  • Tune up Service

  • Major Fluid Service

  • The Ultimate Service – our most comprehensive service possible

  • With Prostream and Fuel Injection Service

Having Trouble deciding – Wait till you have had your vehicle inspected and quoted on the spot.

We ensure that your next car service, Log Book Service, car maintenance need is completed fast and thoroughly at the most convenient time and location possible for you.

If you’re not selecting a fixed price service then our friendly mechanics ensure you know exactly what will be done ahead of time.


Log Book Service P.O.A

Fixed Price Log Book Service

Basic Service from $159

Tune Up Service from $259

Major Fluid Service

Petrol Intake System Carbon Clean $160.50

Why do it?

Carbon build up and contamination is not a case of “if”. It will occur in most petrol engines it is however a slow build up and takes time to affect the efficient operation of your car. As it happens slowly you don’t notice it’s affects.
Excessive carbon build up affects how your engine “breathes” by restricting air flow into the engine and the proper operation of the throttle body. The choking of the airways your engine breathes through, a dirty throttle body and valve deposits will lead to issues such as poor throttle response, loss of engine power and increased fuel consumption.

By performing a Petrol Intake System Carbon Clean you will

How does Carbon build up?

Carbon contamination in the induction system is more of an issue than ever. This is due to a number of factors:

How often is a Petrol Intake System Carbon Clean needed?

Please Note: This service is recommended for modern “direct injection” petrol engines. For older non-direct injection petrol engines see Prostream Petrol Injector Clean and Decarb

What does a Petrol Intake System Carbon Clean do?

Diesel Intake System and EGR Valve Carbon Clean $200

This service removes built up carbon deposits in the induction system, throttle body and EGR valve. We do this by removing the air intake, setting up the application tool and applying foaming Prostream Diesel Cleaner into the induction system. Lastly we add an In-tank Fuel System cleaner to treat the fuel tank and the rest of the fuel system for any contamination and moisture. Work Includes;

Remove air intake – set up application tool

Apply cleaner into induction system through throttle body

Fuel System Check

Tank Additive to clean supply side

Scan Tool Diagnostic Check

Road Test

Fully Qualified Mechanics – Only Quality Parts and Brands Used – 12 Months Warranty​

Why do it?

Carbon build up is not a case of “if”. It will occur.

In most diesel engines it is a progressive build up that accelerates over time to affect the efficient operation of your vehicle. As it happens progressively you don’t notice it’s affects.

Excessive carbon build up affects how your engine “breathes” by restricting air flow into the engine. The choking of the airways your engine breathes through will lead to issues such as poor throttle response, loss of engine power and increased fuel consumption.

By performing a Diesel Intake System and EGR valve Carbon Clean you will

How does Carbon build up?

Diesel Engines rely on drawing in large quantities of air to operate efficiently, over time carbon deposits build up on the inner walls of the induction system due to emission control devices such as exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) valves sending exhaust gases and unburnt fuel back into the induction system. Also the use of low viscosity engine oils and sealed crankcase ventilation.

Short trips and city driving also contribute to carbon build up.

As carbon deposits form they attract more carbon, accelerating the process.

How often is a Diesel Intake System and EGR valve Carbon Clean needed?

What does a Diesel Intake System and EGR valve Carbon Clean do?

Mechanical Repair (General)

Car Battery

Can test and replace your battery at your home or workplace. Work includes;

Why do it?

Carbon build up is not a case of “if”. It will occur.

A car battery is the most important component in any vehicle’s electrical system. It provides short bursts of energy to power the car lights, accessories and engine. Once the battery jolts the engine to life, the alternator takes over and continues the power transmission.

If your car battery is dead, your vehicle won’t start, and the alternator will have to work too hard — potentially to the point of failure — which is why it’s so important to take care of the battery.

we provide doorstep car service and car repairs across Canberra and surrounding area 

Our van is equipped with a full range of tools needed to perform almost any repair or replacement. Booking our on-site service will not just save you time but also prevent unnecessary travel to and from the workshop. we will work at almost all locations, you can track the work that is being done on your car.

What causes your car battery to go bad?

How do you know if your car needs a new battery?

With us, you don’t have to worry about hidden costs as we will provide a customised quote for repairs and services before commencing on any work. You can also get an average quote on our website by filling in some details about your car.

How long do car batteries last?

Car batteries will typically last between 3 to 5 years depending on the vehicle. Flat or damaged batteries are one of the top causes for roadside breakdowns as they are simply too old to do their job. Our mechanic can inspect your vehicle and inform you if it’s time to go for a car battery replacement.

How to charge a car battery?

Using jumper cables is a safe and easy way to quickly power up your dead car battery.

How to replace a car battery?

It’s always a good idea to have a licenced mechanic complete any vehicle repairs on your motor and that includes installing a new car battery. All our mobile mechanics are fully licenced technicians who can provide repairs on the spot such as battery replacements or services including logbook services on new cars.

How many volts can a car battery produce?

Healthy car batteries or fully charged batteries can produce about 12.6 volts when the car engine is running. When properly charged, a car battery can power a 25A load for nine to 15 hours. Thereafter, the voltage may drop below 10.5 volts and the battery might not be able to start the car. If you drain your car battery too far, you can damage its ability to hold a charge in the future. It is hence advisable to get a car battery replacement on time.

The easiest way to measure your car battery’s voltage is by using a multimeter. Your Lube Mobile mechanic will have all the tools needed to test the health of your car battery.

The performance of your car battery is also dependent on several other parts. Say, for example, you shouldn’t overlook the symptoms of bad or failing battery terminal ends as they are the first point of contact between the car battery and the vehicle’s electrical system. Similarly, a car with a failed alternator can only run for a short time as once the battery is depleted, the vehicle will die and fail to restart.

Also note that the fuse and fusible links inside your car will be the first failure point in the event of a short or overload. And, if you hear a clicking noise when turning the key or pushing the start button, chances are you need a starter motor replacement. If you are unsure about the performance of any of these parts, you should contact our mobile mechanics for a thorough diagnosis.

We can also help if your automotive headlights are constantly having issues or your vehicle stalls suddenly because of a failing ignition switch. We use only branded spare parts and all our repair and replacement work is covered under our 12 month/20,000km warranty scheme.

Buy a car battery from SAE Automotive and experience our high-quality mechanical service at your home, roadside or office – wherever you happen to be.

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